The general guideline for style is MLA style (see the MLS Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 2009 [7th edition]). Manuscripts containing special fonts or characters should be submitted as both .doc and .pdf files. Texts composed in English by non-native speakers should be submitted to and examined by a native speaker before being submitted.
Articles submitted should have the following structure:

Title of the article: Times New Roman 14, in capital letters
Name(s) of author(s): Times New Roman 12, in capital letters
Institutional affiliation: Times New Roman, 11
Abstract: Times New Roman 10, no more than twelve lines long
Keywords: Times New Roman 10, in italics, five or more.
Text: Times New Roman 11. Sections may or may not have headings. Headings begin flush left, using headline-style capitalization. The first paragraph after a heading or an unheaded section break is not indented.
Works Cited: Times New Roman, 10, all but first line hanging
Contributions should be single-spaced, the body of the text written in Times New Roman, 11, except for block quotes and footnotes (see Footnotes below), which should be written in Times New Roman, 10. Keep contributions under 7,000 words including references. Please do not insert page numbers.

Reviews and book notes
Book reviews and book notes should conform to the guidelines given for articles. The information on the author and the book reviewed should be given as follows:
Name of author(s)/editor(s). Title of book. Place: Publishing House. Year. No. of pages. ISBN. Price.
Every article, review essay, and book review should be accompanied by a brief contributor’s note, which contains the contributor’s name, rank, and affiliation and lists his or her most recent publications and works in progress. Please do not write more than 150 words.
Please download the Instructions for Authors and the Text template found below for further instructions.

 Download instructions for authors 

 Download text template