Iasi is the capital city of the Romanian region of Moldavia and of Iasi County, being situated in the north-eastern part of the country, in a beautiful region of hills and vineyards. It is also the oldest (1860) and the second largest university centre in the country. Though first mentioned in a written document in 1408, it existed as an urban settlement prior to this date, as the text carved on a stone dating the Armenian Church (1395) testifies. From 1564 until 1859 Iasi was the capital city of Moldavia, a period of significant economic and cultural growth that continued through the following century, to the point where Iasi acquired the fame of one of the major cultural centres of the country, home to some of the greatest Romanian writers, musicians and painters.

Traces of its rich history and intense cultural life are visible in many areas of the city, but mostly in an impressive number of churches and monasteries, memorial houses and museums. Iasi charms its visitors with its welcoming atmosphere, offering tourists the benefits of life in a city and the calm, soothing rhythms of a provincial town.

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